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Welcome to the CycleTime workshop

Here at CycleTime we love to ride our bikes and that means we understand how disappointed you are when your bike is broken down or not working the way you would like.

CycleTime mechanics Paul Fraser and Alan Mail have over twenty years in the bike industry between them and are committed to getting you back on your bike and out riding again as quick as they can.

We do schedule appointments in our service department and can quite often get you back on your bike on the same day!!


CycleTime Workshop Service Charges

General Bike Service: $50

-Check and tighten all anchors / pinch bolts / clamps.
-Check tyre condition and inflate to appropriate pressure. 
-Check wheels for true Check brake pads and rotors (true rotors).
-Check cable condition inners and outers.
-Measure chain wear.
-Check drive train for wear or damage.
-Check derailleurs, hubs, BB and headset for wear or play.
-Check suspension parts including pivots if applicable.
-Lube: chain, derailleur and brake pivots, cable ends and adjustment barrels.
-Adjust brakes.
-Tune gears. 
-Mechanic test ride 
$45 plus any additional parts (customer will be contacted if parts are required)


Full Service: $90 

Includes all items from general service plus the following:
-Remove, inspect and regrease headset, and bottom bracket bearings. 
-Inspect and reassemble hub bearings.
-True wheels and properly tension spokes.
$90 plus any additional parts (customer will be contacted if parts are required)


Full Service MTB: $120

Includes all items from General and Full Services plus:
-Disassemble suspension forks and/or shocks for offsite service.
-Crank removal and inspection of pivot bearings and bushings.
-Disassemble brake calipers to inspect and service pistons.
$120 plus any additional parts (customer will be contacted if parts are required)


Individual Repair Charges:

Puncture repair: $5 plus tube, $10 for nutted wheel
Gear adjustment, lube chain and cables: $25
Brake adjustment: $15
Bleed hydraulic brakes: $43 per end includes fluid
Headset adjust and regrease: $30
Bottom Bracket service:$30
Hub inspect and adjustment: $15 per wheel
Hub rebuild: $20 per wheel plus parts
Freehub body maintenance: $30
Wheel true: $25
Straighten derailleur hanger and tune rear gears: $25
Fit chain: $10 plus chain
Fit brake pads: $15 plus pads
Install new cable and adjustment: $30, plus cost of cable
Tubeless tyre conversion: $20 per wheel plus parts and fluid
Tubeless fluid refill: $10 plus fluid
Additional surcharge applies to parts supplied by customer